Mr. Eddy Van der Stock


Eddy Van der Stock is since 2001 ICT Manager at the city administrations, department for social security and local police from the city of Lokeren. As a former military instructor on Information, Transmissions and Communications he worked 17 years on new communication projects and technologies in the Belgian Department of Defence. Before he worked for local government he worked ten years as a department coordinator in a second chance school, where he reformed the regular classes into a modular system based on the Bologna model (1999) with four different study directions (system engineers, network engineers, programmers and multimedia). In 2008 he became president/chairman of V-ICT-OR, the Flemish Organisation for ICT responsible in Local Authorities. His concern in bringing various levels of government together puts him in a lot of different think-tank's and cooperative working groups. He is specialized in information security and data models and structures. His position at the local level gave him the opportunity to bring different government administrations under one umbrella with a shared infrastructure (human and ICT resources). His involvement as an active member of the Linked Organisation for Local Authorities (LOLA) increased the network capacity in sharing knowledge and best practices in Europe but also worldwide. As a protagonist of bringing ICT up to a management level and vice versa, he creates a good understanding between the politicians, top management and ICT.