André Blavier

Mr. André Blavier

Walloon Telecommunication Agency

André is charge of the communication of the AWT, offline and online, and its implementation. He is also in charge of the Web platform of the AWT and, more broadly, the general strategy of the AWT with the other members of the board. This includes the management contract of the AWT with the Walloon Government, the activity reports, and the contributions for various strategic programs in Wallonia (ICT Master Plan, Horizon 2022, etc.). He organised a Technology watch in 4 major topics: Web² (IOT, mobile, smartcities, ...), Cloud (Web, connected commerce, ...), Big Data (analytics, SEO, Open Data, ...) and Empowerment (web 2.0, e-marketing, ...).


Twitter: @unpeudeblabla

Linkedin: André Blavier