Mr. Gerrie Smits

City of Antwerp

Gerrie Smits is Digital & Social Strategist at the City of Antwerp. He’s responsible for all things social and conversation and he’s a member of the strategic team that is developing the new digital platform for Antwerp.

His pet toppics are ‘government as a platform’,the importance of usercentricity and how hating the Facebook algorithm will make you better at Facebook.He uses the words ‘facilitate’ and ‘relevance’ far too much.

Before he took up this role in Autumn 2011, he was co-­founder and strategist at the London‐based social media agency RAAK.

That agency was one of the first ones to specialise in social media. Gerrie worked on projects and consultancy jobs for clients in the fashion industry, B2B as well as the non‐profit sector.

Before that, he was a student (Germanic languages + cultural studies), a music journalist, a producer at music channel MTV and founder of a production company that focused on web content.