Jaakko Rajaniemi

Mr. Jaakko Rajaniemi

City of Helsinki

Jaakko Rajaniemi works for City of Helsinki where he has been developing a citizen engagement and feedback management system. His main responsibility has been development of the open interface for developers to build new applications. The most important open interface has been the new Open311 –interface. Jaakko aims to make Helsinki the best city for developers and startups to build services with the newly launched “Helsinki loves developers” –program and dev.hel.fi  developer website. He is also participating European CitySDK project which aims to make the developer life easier by harmonization of the open interfaces between cities in Europe. Jaakko is not only an open data and API evangelist, but he also tries to eat his own dog food and develop mobile and web apps himself. Earlier he has also organized Apps4Finland open data competition and worked on mobile industry.