Philippe Allard

Mr. Philippe Allard

Newspaper journalist (he worked for the Daily Press Group Sude Presse) and web editor (he directed, consultant in Internet uses and trainer, Philippe Allard was responsible for structuring and editing the website’s content of the municipality of Ixelles before being called in 2007 to design the new website of the City of Brussels. Project Manager at GIAL, a not-for-profit organization, he currently manages the site and heads the City of Brussel’s Web Unit. He oversees the development of the city’s website, its presence on social networks and suggested to the City to open its data (February 2012). Co-author of "Les espaces publics numériques, moteur d’un Internet participatif" (2002), he has also published "Gagnez les élections avec Internet" (2012) and "Gérer la communication numérique communale" at Edipro.