CitySDK APIs add momentum to developing Smart City Apps

Cities are exposing their data to skilled and creative developer communities. As such, innovative apps and services are changing the way citizens interact with their city. Concurrently APIs have been gaining a momentum of interest within start-ups and enable the ecosystems of large enterprises like Google and Twitter. In the Smart City context huge innovation and efficiency potential will be released with open APIs. But naturally there is somewhat larger community interested in developing apps utilizing Facebook or Netflix API than there are developers interested in developing apps solely for the citizens of Helsinki. In Europe the Smart CitySDK project aims at solving this issue with unified interfaces that make it easier to scale an app developed for Helsinki to cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Istanbul. The session walks through the experiences of the CitySDK project in creating open interoperable APIs and how both cities and developers can benefit from the CitySDK APIs.

Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts

Mme. Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts

Forum Virium Helsinki

Project Manager, Forum Virium Helsinki

Bert Spaan

Mr. Bert Spaan

Waag Society

Software developer and GIS specialist at Waag Society

Jaakko Rajaniemi

Mr. Jaakko Rajaniemi

City of Helsinki

Miguel Lemos

Mr. Miguel Lemos


Project Manager at Alfamicro