How data journalism affects the newsroom

Although data journalism is not really new, there is no misunderstanding about the fact that its importance is strongly growing. The promises of new technologies, the continuous availability of enormous sets of data and the size of specialised project teams are bringing IT-driven journalism to the boundaries of the newsroom.

During this session about data journalism we will talk about issues and trends within the field. Starting from the story running around the offshore leaks we will handle the different aspects involved in the process. How do we get the data and where do we store it? What kind of tools do newsrooms need to clean, analyse and visualise the data? And when does the journalist comes in? Is he just there to find the story or does he need to develop special skills?

In this session different experts from different disciplines will discuss, with the audience, about the difficulties and the trends in data journalism.

Jan Van Grinsven

Mr. Jan Vangrinsven

Contributor for

Lorenzo Pillizzari

Mr. Lorenzo Pellizzari


Analyst at PwC

Maarten Lambrechts

Mr. Maarten Lambrechts

Web editor and data/visualization consultant

Andrew Vande Moere

Prof. Andrew Vande Moere

KU Leuven

Professor at KU Leuven & Blogger on