Secretary of State Hendrik Bogaert and Mr. Erwin De Pue on Open Data in Belgium

Hendrik Bogaert and Erwin De Pue will sketch the current status of the implementation of the PSI directive on a federal level. They will lift a corner of the veil of the future and the difficulties of Open Data in Belgium. After the talks, there will be a short panel discussion about Open Data in Belgium. The panel will consist of:

Hendrik Bogaert:

Data have never been so important for public administrations as they are nowadays. It is the government’s task to manage these data, to use them and to make them available for the benefit of citizens and companies. The Belgian ICT- and e-Government-strategy is based on the “only once”-principle: administrations must not ask citizens and companies for information and data that are already available in the organisation. They have access to them through authentic sources. By using these data to the maximum they can deliver faster and more efficient services. These data are also ‘raw material’ for companies that can use them to create new services and thus stimulate the economy. Often, these new applications also make daily life easier for citizens. The challenge for public administrations is to share the available data through harmonised licensing models, to ensure interoperability and to create standard formats.

Erwin De Pue

Mr. Erwin De Pue


Director General at DAV

Hendrik Bogaert

Mr. Hendrik Bogaert

Federal Government

Secretary of State for Civil Service and Modernization of Public Services