Mr. Laurent Noel & Mr. André Blavier on Open Data in Wallonia

The Walloon Government has established an overall ICT strategy and formed it into a Master Plan. Several major factors have been identified in this master plan such as digital planning, structuring of the ICT sector, development of advanced ICT uses in the private sector, digitalisation of public services, and the development of digital schools and digital education. Among these factors, Open Data has been identified as a priority, particularly in the development of digital public services and their openness to civil society actors. In the context of the development of an ICT platform for Wallonia, AWT plays a central role in this strategy, in the partnership with several other public actors (EWBS, DTIC, SPW, ...) and the Open Data community. André Blavier will present the general working philosophy adopted by the Walloon Government, a short inventory of ongoing Open Data projects, and some pratical cases on the use of Open Data in the Walloon region.

André Blavier

Mr. André Blavier

Walloon Telecommunication Agency

Communication & Web Manager at AWT (Walloon Telecommunication Agency)

Laurent Noel

Mr. Laurent Noel

Agency of Economical Stimulation

Representative for the cabinet of Minister-President Rudy Demotte of the Walloon Government and the Government of the French Community of Belgium & the agency of economical stimulation.