Open Geo: Open Street Map Belgium

The Data Days open-geo-data track will try to address the issue of the sometimes conflicting goals of the OpenStreetMap-community, that uses crowdsourcing as a tool to collect data, and the open-(geo)-data providers/consumers that are also using OpenStreetMap-data.

The questions that we want to answer using a discussion panel are, for example, how to cooperate with the OpenStreetMap-community when you have data that you want on the map? We will try and address the impact on the existing community that large datasets external to OpenStreetMap can have and what about keeping this data up-to-date in OSM? What if you have a specific use-case, how can we work together to improve both our datasets?

Some examples are the AGIV CRAB addressing data, De Lijn bustops, URBIS-data in Brussels, specific data for emergency services and the many smaller open-geo-datasets out there.

At the end of this session we hope to walk away with some ideas that can bring together the OpenStreetMap-community and the open-data community to improve the quality and access to some of the open-geo-datasets.


Bart Rosseau

Mr. Bart Rosseau

City of Ghent

Ben Abelshausen

Mr. Ben Abelshausen


Owner at SharpSoftware, Creator of OsmSharp

Joost Schouppe

Mr. Joost Schouppe

City of Antwerp

Statisical consultant at the City of Antwerp and Open Street Mapper

Tom Van Herck

Mr. Tom Van Herck


Relationship manager at AGIV