Open Transport: The shortest way to efficient multimodal mobility?

Personal urban mobility is changing. Cars are no longer “# 1” anymore, and commuters are less exclusive in the way they move around in their daily life. Indeed, they use bike-share systems, ride a bus to the train station, or take a taxi back home when working late. They might also do something entirely different the following day depending on such day’s particular circumstances like weather, traffic, or personal engagements. In this new context, having accurate information and data has become increasingly useful. Thus, it is good news that as never before, we can now benefit from so many ready-to-use technologies, (smartphones, GPS, mobile Internet, etc.). Major transport companies (national railway, local transport or taxi companies) have begun implementing apps to help people find their way around and to plan the best route possible. However, the best solution is yet to be developed: one that would meet every single need. Maybe it is not their responsibility anymore because our needs are getting more individual and unique. Or maybe, simply because the “ultimate” solution will come from the users themselves or from the infinite creativity of the internet business world.


Mme. Dorota Szeligowska

European Commission

DG Move

Andrew Byrd

Mr. Andrew Byrd

Principal Conveyal LLC

Antoine Patris

Mr. Antoine Patris


Project Manager of Sustainable Mobility at Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport

Ben Abelshausen

Mr. Ben Abelshausen


Owner at SharpSoftware, Creator of OsmSharp

Hugo Poliart

Mr. Hugo Poliart

European Commission

Online Communication Consultant for the European Commission