Closing debate: Will data exchange and using shared services ever be possible on an international level?

In the private sector it has become very common to buy or use services provided by enterprises in another continent. In the public sector it remains very difficult for citizens to travel, study, work in another country. People have to provide a lot of data op paper to their new country. And governments all over the world are each building quite similar e-government services but with little or no interoperability, let alone they can use the data from another country. Citadel on the Move could become the first international standard for Mobile Apps offered by the cities. Will it ever be possible to use international Shared Services or are there reasons why this will always stay  a dream? Richard Kerby (UN), Gerald Santucci (EU), Dr Ali Al Khouri ( UAE) and Geert Mareels (Flanders) debate on this topic, moderated by Dr. Julia Glidden (21C)


Dr. Julia Glidden

21c consultancy

Managing Director - 21c consultancy

Mr. Geert Mareels

Mr. Geert Mareels

Flemish eGovernment Co-ordination Unit

Flemish eGovernment Manager

Mr. Santucci

Mr. Gérald Santucci

European Commission

Head of the unit Knowledge Sharing at the European Commission's Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT)

Mr. Richard Kerby

Mr. Richard Kerby

United Nations

Senior Inter-Regional Adviser on e-Government - Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), United Nations, New York

Dr. Ali Al-Khouri

Prof. Dr. Ali Al Khouri

Emirates Identity Authority

Director General (Under Secretary) of the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID)