How to raise the quality of your Open Data

You have an Open Data Policy? That’s great, but it is not where it ends! A huge amount of datasets are published as Open Data on the web and later forgotten. Time will only make these datasets less and less useful. In this session we will have Toon Vanagt. Toon has been reusing data before it became open. He is going to bring a story about what problems data users experience when building their applications. After Toon Vanagt, Katrien Desmet from the Flemish government is going to explain how data quality is handled from within a government body. Open Knowledge Foundation's Pieter Colpaert is your host for this session. He will keep the focus on data quality.
Warning: this session may contain mind boggling discussions


Mme. Katrien Desmet

Flemish eGovernment Co-ordination Unit

Project coordinator Corvé


Mr. Pieter Colpaert


Open knowledge enthusiast - OKFN Belgium


Mr. Toon Vanagt