Minister Geert Bourgeois

Minister Geert Bourgeois

Vice-Minister-President of the Government of Flanders, Flemish Minister for Public Governance, Local and Provincial Government, Civic Integration, Tourism and the Vlaamse Rand

Mr. Richard Kerby

Mr. Richard Kerby

United Nations

Senior Inter-Regional Adviser on e-Government - Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), United Nations, New York

Dr. Ali Al-Khouri

Prof. Dr. Ali Al Khouri

Emirates Identity Authority

Director General (Under Secretary) of the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID)

Mr. Santucci

Mr. Gérald Santucci

European Commission

Head of the unit Knowledge Sharing at the European Commission's Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT)

Mr. Andrew Stott

Mr. Andrew Stott


Dr. Spiros Mouzakitis

Dr. Spiros Mouzakitis

National Techical University of Athens

ENGAGE Project Manager - Research analyst for National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Dr Heath

Dr. Tom Heath

Open Data Institute

Head of Research

Dr. Vassilios Peristeras

Dr. Vassilios Peristeras

European Commission

Programme Manager, European Commission, ISA Programme

Irina Bolychevsky

Mme. Irina Bolychevsky


Open Government and CKAN Manager at the Open Knowledge Foundation


Dr. Julia Glidden

21c consultancy

Managing Director - 21c consultancy

Mr. Frank De Saer

Mr. Frank De Saer

Federal Public Service Economy

CIO Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy


Dr. Joep Crompvoets

KU Leuven

Secretary-General of EuroSDR associate professor at the Public Management Institute of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)


Mr. Eddy Van der Stock


President of LOLA

Mr. Geert Mareels

Mr. Geert Mareels

Flemish eGovernment Co-ordination Unit

Flemish eGovernment Manager

Mme. Andrea Halmos

Mme. Andrea Halmos

European Commission

Policy Officer – EU Policies - Unit H3 Public Services, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Gaby Sadowski

Dr. Gaby Sadowski

Municipality of Eindhoven

Strategic projectleader at Municipality of Eindhoven

Joost Schouppe

Mr. Joost Schouppe

City of Antwerp

Statisical consultant at the City of Antwerp and Open Street Mapper

Maarten Lambrechts

Mr. Maarten Lambrechts


Web editor MO.be and data/visualization consultant


Mr. Evangelos ARGYZOUDIS


Senior R&D Consultant at Intrasoft International

Miguel Lemos

Mr. Miguel Lemos


Project Manager at Alfamicro

Bert Spaan

Mr. Bert Spaan

Waag Society

Software developer and GIS specialist at Waag Society

Jaakko Rajaniemi

Mr. Jaakko Rajaniemi

City of Helsinki

Andrew Vande Moere

Prof. Andrew Vande Moere

KU Leuven

Professor at KU Leuven & Blogger on infosthetics.com


Mr. Toon Vanagt



Philippe Laurent

Mr. Philippe Laurent


Lawyer at the Brussels Bar – Marx, Van Ranst, Vermeersch & Parners Legal Trainer – LegalICT

Laurent Noel

Mr. Laurent Noel

Agency of Economical Stimulation

Representative for the cabinet of Minister-President Rudy Demotte of the Walloon Government and the Government of the French Community of Belgium & the agency of economical stimulation.

Antoine Patris

Mr. Antoine Patris


Project Manager of Sustainable Mobility at Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport

Philippe Allard

Mr. Philippe Allard

Project manager at GIAL


Mr. Thimo Thoeye

City of Ghent

e-Strategist at Stad Gent


Mr. Noël Van Herreweghe

Flemish eGovernment Co-ordination Unit

Advisor - Flemish eGovernment Co-ordination Unit


Mme. Katrien Desmet

Flemish eGovernment Co-ordination Unit

Project coordinator Corvé

Andrew Byrd

Mr. Andrew Byrd

Principal Conveyal LLC


Mme. Dorota Szeligowska

European Commission

DG Move


Mr. Raf Buyle


Program Manager V-ICT-OR, the Flemish ICT organisation


Mr. Paul Hermans


Paul is a specialist in the field of data oriented Web standards


Mr. Pieter Colpaert


Open knowledge enthusiast - OKFN Belgium

Bart Rosseau

Mr. Bart Rosseau

City of Ghent

Mr. Karl-Filip Coenegrachts

Mr. Karl-Filip Coenegrachts

City of Ghent

Head of the department of Strategy, Co-ordination and International Relations

Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts

Mme. Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts

Forum Virium Helsinki

Project Manager, Forum Virium Helsinki

Tanguy De Lestré

Mr. Tanguy De Lestré


Business Development Manager at Agoria

Yannick H'Madoun

Mr. Yannick H'Madoun

Project Lead Creative Commons Belgium


Mr. Mathias Van Compernolle

Ghent University

Junior Researcher at MICT

Erwin De Pue

Mr. Erwin De Pue


Director General at DAV

Hendrik Bogaert

Mr. Hendrik Bogaert

Federal Government

Secretary of State for Civil Service and Modernization of Public Services

Stephane Roelandt

Mr. Stephane Roelandt

Entrepreneur at Get Going and Board member of OKFN Belgium

Erik Mannens

Dr. Erik Mannens

Ghent University

iMinds-UGent - Research Manager - Future Media & Imaging Department

André Blavier

Mr. André Blavier

Walloon Telecommunication Agency

Communication & Web Manager at AWT (Walloon Telecommunication Agency)

Ben Abelshausen

Mr. Ben Abelshausen


Owner at SharpSoftware, Creator of OsmSharp

Hugo Poliart

Mr. Hugo Poliart

European Commission

Online Communication Consultant for the European Commission

Philippe Verstichel

Mr. Philippe Verstichel


International Management Consultant

Jean-Yves Huwart

Mr. Jean-Yves Huwart

Global Enterprise

CEO Global Enterprise

Jan Van Grinsven

Mr. Jan Vangrinsven


Contributor for Apache.be

Jan Vansteenlandt

Mr. Jan Vansteenlandt

The Datatank

Project Lead on The Datatank


Mr. Gerrie Smits

City of Antwerp

Digital & Social Strategist

Thomas Margoni

Dr. Thomas Margoni

Senior Researcher at the Institute for Information Law - University of Amsterdam

Yves Vanderbeken

Mr. Yves Vanderbeken

HP Belgacom

Senior Lead Enterprise Architect

Katleen Janssen

Dr. Katleen Janssen

KU Leuven

Katleen Janssen, board member OKFN BE

Nikolaos Loutas

Mr. Nikolaos Loutas


Manager, PwC


Dr. Irina Zálišová


Director and co-founder of EPMA

profile photo

Mme. Katalin Gallyas

City of Amsterdam

Open Innovation Policy Advisor, City of Amsterdam, Economic Development

Lorenzo Pillizzari

Mr. Lorenzo Pellizzari


Analyst at PwC

Tom Van Herck

Mr. Tom Van Herck


Relationship manager at AGIV